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Catching up with old NIFT friends on a lazy Saturday
YUVA INNOVATORS AWARDS ÔÇô An inter school competition
Field Visit to Mehrauli – Urban Village
Fresher’s Party at WSD
Preparations for the FRESHERS PARTY
RIP Prof.Edward Newton
celebrated Teachers’ Day 2016

YUVA INNOVATORS AWARDS ÔÇô An inter school competition

Age Eligibility: 16 ÔÇô 18 years

01. Fashion Design
Design a solution for carrying currency and keys while wearing a saree.

02. Product Design
A new solution to protect from rain while going to school.

03. Graphic Design
A solution to locate washrooms in a building for blind people.

04. Fine Arts
A mask of your future self.

05. Architecture
An eco-friendly house.

Submit your concept sketches in one or more categories with an explanation not exceeding 100 words. If we like your concept, we will call you for a prototype workshop in the campus.

Last day to send concepts is 30th October 2016. Send entries at:

For more details contact: 7056770060, 011 ÔÇô 49064330/40/50/60

All selected contestants will get YUVA Innovator Certificate.
The best entry in each category will get YUVA Innovator Award.


Field Visit to Mehrauli – Urban Village

Students took a context related tour of the urban village Mehrauli and explored Stone Masonery. Students had an amazing learning experience.


Fresher’s Party at WSD

So much enthusiasm, so much talent, so much fun…the Fresher’s Party at WSD rocked. Just to get an estimate, almost 40% of students lined up for the Mr. and Ms. Fresher alone; and what a cache of talent that was unearthed, singing, dancing, mime, instrumental, poetry, event organisation…wow!

Preparations for the FRESHERS PARTY

Preparations for the FRESHERS PARTY are in full swing at the World School of Design. Ramp walk, the most critical element requires a lot of practice..

RIP Prof.Edward Newton

I just heard the sad news about passing of one of my dear friends and Prof.Edward Newton in Hong Kong today. We worked together while founding IFFTI International Foundation of Fashion and Technology Institutes in New Delhi in 1996-98 along with Mr. Saptarishi and Darlie Koshy and Rajesh Bheda. But we were also together in other Textile & Fashion forums like The Textile Institute. I was the PhD examiner of his student Kinor at PolyU. I remember the personal tour of PolyU given by him even today. He was a warm lovable person. RIP Edward Newton. You’ll be remembered.

This photo is of the Textile Institute conference at Hong Kong.

celebrated Teachers’ Day 2016

Students of World School of #Design celebrated #Teachers’ Day 2016 with great enthusiasm.

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