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Summer Swag Workshops – Bring Out Your Design Swag
Enhance Your Career with the Best Design College in India
What Your Profession May Look Like After a BBA in Design Strategy and Management
Conceptual Art as Contemporary Practice by School of Visual Arts, World School of Design
Kudos to Our Fashion Design Students
Critical Conversations on Design
WSD Students Work – Fashion Design College in Delhi NCR
Masters Program In Retail Design
World School Of Planning & Architecture
Masters Program In Transportation Design

Summer Swag Workshops – Bring Out Your Design Swag

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3. #BookBinding/ #MousePad/ #CellPhoneStand
4. #Caricature/ #TruckArt
5. #GameDesign
6. #SwagGlasses/ #Accessories

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Call – 9050284239,
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Duration: 3 Hours
Date: 27th June 2017
Venue: World School of Design, Plot No. 1, Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat, Haryana

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Enhance Your Career with the Best Design College in India

Education from the best design college in India will help you understand the business better and proceed with all the confidence in the world.

World School of design (WSD) has been established with a view to respond to the very need of making India meet the international standards through the right training, education and research in varied creative fields like Design, Visual Arts, Design Management and Architecture.

School of Design, WSD offers following six programs:

  • Product Design- For creating a feasible yet viable product with great usability quotient
  • Interior Design- Manipulating the available spatial volume and organizing the interior space in the best way possible
  • Industrial Design- Enhance the ability to ideate and realise innovative products and systems with applied visualisation, thinking and innovation for best industry usage
  • Retail Design- Learning a progressive approach for addressing design issues and varied other intrinsically evolutional and transformative retail formats with balanced spatial manipulation, materials, lighting and human factors
  • Transportation Design- Development of the appearance with balanced ergonomics of non- motorised and motorised devices for all modes of transport.
  • Lifestyle accessory Design- To create inspiring products to accentuate and enhance the userÔÇÖs lifestyle.

The creative courses offered by WSD are not limited to design.

Visual arts- Creative painting, contemporary art practice, art and design history, fashion art, photography and curatorial practices in art are all part of School of Visual Art. Courses are designed for innovative souls to reflect their thoughts on canvases and other modes.

Management-Retail business management and design strategy & management are the courses to choose from, in the division of management studies. The management education approach at WSD allows the holistic formation of the future leaders with unparalleled professional competence and unbeatable qualities.

Architecture- Architecture is a visual art form in its own way, and the building created speaks for them-selves. There will always be an ever-growing demand for buildings where architecture plays a crucial role. If you wish to gain architectural education then understanding the roots of the culture and environment is also something to be noted, and all this knowledge is being imparted to the ÔÇÿplanning & architectureÔÇÖ students at WSD.

For WSD, the focus lies on more than one aspect of the business. Those attending really get to look at the bigger picture and find their place within the setup. When combined together, all of the elements taught provide one great background that can be drawn upon for an enriching, fruitful career.

What Your Profession May Look Like After a BBA in Design Strategy and Management

When design is defined in traditional sense, the focus is often on creating discrete solutions irrespective of what is being targeted for the end solution. Strategic design makes use of certain principles prevalent in traditional design to get the ÔÇ£bigger pictureÔÇØ of systemic challenges such as climate change, education, and health care along with identifying the challenges in daily processes for organizations.

A BBA in Design Strategy and Management will help you redefine your approach to problems, identify opportunities where action can be taken, and help in delivering more resilient and complete solutions. Design Strategy aims at problem identification, problem solutions, prototyping and its effective implementation.

This program is about utilization of Design thinking into Strategy decisions for corporates and being a part of board meetings as well as facilitating the processes. The program enables one to create a greater impact not only in oneÔÇÖs career, but also positive change to the world.

The learning provided by this program works best when Design is integrated into an organizationÔÇÖs DNA, thus enabling new opportunity to be created for designers who have a strategic aptitude for migration from ateliers and studios to integrated positions that are embedded with governments and organizations.

A course in design strategy and management usually builds you up for three core competencies.


Key decision makers often see parts rather than the complete problem holistically which could make them blinded to the unintended consequences their choices may have. Design has a naturally integrative approach that helps to illuminate the complex web of relationships existing between various things, organizations, and people so as to provide a holistic point of view.


Fluency in tangible/ visual representation helps the strategic designer communicate complex, contradictory relationships that would otherwise be impossible to explain using numbers and text alone.

When Roman numerical switched to Arabic, the West found itself better equipped to handle all numerical complexities with unprecedented ease. This brought about a profound transformation in the civilization. The challenges of the modern day have reached a new level of complexity and uncertainty that cannot be dealt with using familiar analytical tools such as spreadsheets.


Ability to implement and scale easily are the need of the day. It is easy to come across good ideas, but it takes a lot of effort to implement them in the right manner. There has been an emphasis on ÔÇ£design thinkingÔÇØ in recent years which has given a powerful demonstration of the value of applying creativity in a business context.

There is more to crafting to successful design than mere creative thinking. A BBA in Design Strategy and Management will also allow you to implement and ensure that key ideas maintain their integrity over the course of the process. Designers are required to have complete involvement in the change process so that they can identify, test, and deliver the very best futuristic solutions.

Conceptual Art as Contemporary Practice by School of Visual Arts, World School of Design

A unique 3 day residential workshop exploring meanings, forms, theories which mark conceptual practices in art.

Workshop Details:

This workshop will explore meanings, forms, theories and art making, which mark conceptual art practices transcending the divide between contemporary and post contemporary. There will be a special focus on performative practices, photography, video, text and new genre sculpture practices.

The heart of the workshop will be to understand the basics of conceptual art making and the possibility of imbibing such in ones day to day artistic practice.

Core Concerns:

1) What is conceptual thought in art? How does it relate to contemporary practices?

2) Rethinking a studio practice: An exploration to imagine a studio without a sketch book and an easel. We will open a window into day to day conceptual based practices and the evolving idea of a studio.

3) Skill after post modernism: The Postmodern Principles challenge our traditional element and principles of skill by stressing the importance of thinking outside of the box and allow you to really consider the point of view of the artist and what the artist wants to communicate to the viewer.

4) Between art making and viewing – Questions on the aesthetic experience : In contemporary times we have seen a overthrow of our traditional conceptions of what an art object should be made of and what it should look like. The artwork is now a process rather than a material thing- this ÔÇÿnew aesthetic will be explored and discussed.

5) issues of Context, Language and Appropriation – Dialogues between the Personal , Local and the Global : The focus will be on understanding the Re-presentation, Gaze, Hybridity, Appropriation and Re contextualization as important critical categories though with art is viewed and appreciated.


ÔÇó Sharing each portfolio sharing, discussion and critical analysis.
ÔÇó Presentations and video sessions to understand the development of conceptual art especially in the developing nations.
ÔÇó Day long sessions and exercises at public spaces using various mediums as aesthetic/communicative tools and learning how to take feed back.
ÔÇó Developing ideas into art ÔÇô One to one intimate sessions with participants on how an idea can be developed, edited, and materialized into art through personalized understanding of media and skill.
ÔÇó Free flowing Discussion sessions ÔÇô We will have non hierarchical open discussion sessions addressing all kinds of doubts and encouraging experimentation.

Day flow structures:

Each day will have 5-6 six hours of working in a public space ÔÇô Mornings will be time for discussion sessions and site mappings ÔÇô Evenings will have portfolio sharing by participants and presentations by the workshop conductors. Followed by film/video screenings and free flowing discussions. Each day a new medium will be given the spotlight but will be connected to other mediums as we explore the threads the link practices as being conceptual.

Mode of enrollment:

Each applicant will have to submit work images, CV and a statement of purpose and identify the artist who has informed the design of the workshop poster.

Open for students who have completed 4 years of art / design education and have not completed their post graduation studies. Preference will be given to students who have just completed their graduation.
The workshop is free for participants including material charges.

For queries and submission:
M/ +91 70567 70060

Kudos to Our Fashion Design Students

A surge of confidence has swept our first year Fashion Design students who participated in the Taurus Design Competition. Not only they designed, produced and styled the garments, they also thought of/ searched/ made customized backdrops for the photo-shoot. The results were simply ‘outstanding’!


Join the fashion design program of the World School of Design. Apply at

Critical Conversations on Design

World University of Design has associated with ADI Delhi in creating “Critical Conversations on Design”. The first event is scheduled for 26th May 2017, 6:30 pm. Please check the e poster for more details. Prof. Devendra Kharb, Dean(School of Fashion) WUD will be moderating and Prof. Osmud Rahman, Visiting Professor WUD will be a speaker in addition to Harminder Sahni and Pankaj Vermani.

WSD Students Work – Fashion Design College in Delhi NCR

Fashion is all about Presentation – whether on ramp or on paper. An important part of education is documenting your work and presenting it in an interesting way. Photography, typography, image manipulation, graphic design are all skills that come into play.┬áPresentation of POP ART and GOTHIC collection looked something like this.


Masters Program In Retail Design

Calling fresh graduates, engineers, architects, artists to explore the new Masters Program In Retail Design at WSD.

Retail Designer strategically intervenes in designing the retail format, creates touch point of consumers interaction with the goods being sold, Designs the look and feel of the store and its interior, designs displays, design show windows and the graphic communication solutions to provide unique brand experience.

Check out details at

World School Of Planning & Architecture

World School Of Planning & Architecture has brought out a newsletter showcasing the activities and work of their first year students. Inspired effort! For those who would want to read it, click on the link –

Registration is open for Admissions 2017.

Masters Program In Transportation Design

Masters program in Transportation Design at WSD. Calling fresh graduates, engineers, architects, artists…Admission Open Register Now.

India has huge scope for design of efficient and economical transportation devices and systems. The program will centre around design enhancing mobility of people and commodities. it ÔÇÿll emphasise exploring and developing of newer , motorised or non-motorised means of mobility. It is structured to develop ability to design means of transportation for road, air water as well as space. details at┬á

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