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Conceptual Art as Contemporary Practice by School of Visual Arts, World School of Design
Art Exhibition at the Arpana Art Gallery by WSD
Create a great career out of Graphic Design
Day 3 of National Artists Camp by School of Visual Arts, WSD
National Artists Camp at World School of Design – Day 1
Let Your Imagination Fly by Choosing Career in Industrial Designing
National Artists Camp – Participant #10: Birender Yadav at World School of Design
National Artists Camp – Participant #9: Anni Kumari
National Artists Camp – Participant #8: “Abhishek Narayan Verma”
National Artists Camp ÔÇô Participant #7: ÔÇ£Shivani BhallaÔÇØ

Conceptual Art as Contemporary Practice by School of Visual Arts, World School of Design

A unique 3 day residential workshop exploring meanings, forms, theories which mark conceptual practices in art.

Workshop Details:

This workshop will explore meanings, forms, theories and art making, which mark conceptual art practices transcending the divide between contemporary and post contemporary. There will be a special focus on performative practices, photography, video, text and new genre sculpture practices.

The heart of the workshop will be to understand the basics of conceptual art making and the possibility of imbibing such in ones day to day artistic practice.

Core Concerns:

1) What is conceptual thought in art? How does it relate to contemporary practices?

2) Rethinking a studio practice: An exploration to imagine a studio without a sketch book and an easel. We will open a window into day to day conceptual based practices and the evolving idea of a studio.

3) Skill after post modernism: The Postmodern Principles challenge our traditional element and principles of skill by stressing the importance of thinking outside of the box and allow you to really consider the point of view of the artist and what the artist wants to communicate to the viewer.

4) Between art making and viewing – Questions on the aesthetic experience : In contemporary times we have seen a overthrow of our traditional conceptions of what an art object should be made of and what it should look like. The artwork is now a process rather than a material thing- this ÔÇÿnew aesthetic will be explored and discussed.

5) issues of Context, Language and Appropriation – Dialogues between the Personal , Local and the Global : The focus will be on understanding the Re-presentation, Gaze, Hybridity, Appropriation and Re contextualization as important critical categories though with art is viewed and appreciated.


ÔÇó Sharing each portfolio sharing, discussion and critical analysis.
ÔÇó Presentations and video sessions to understand the development of conceptual art especially in the developing nations.
ÔÇó Day long sessions and exercises at public spaces using various mediums as aesthetic/communicative tools and learning how to take feed back.
ÔÇó Developing ideas into art ÔÇô One to one intimate sessions with participants on how an idea can be developed, edited, and materialized into art through personalized understanding of media and skill.
ÔÇó Free flowing Discussion sessions ÔÇô We will have non hierarchical open discussion sessions addressing all kinds of doubts and encouraging experimentation.

Day flow structures:

Each day will have 5-6 six hours of working in a public space ÔÇô Mornings will be time for discussion sessions and site mappings ÔÇô Evenings will have portfolio sharing by participants and presentations by the workshop conductors. Followed by film/video screenings and free flowing discussions. Each day a new medium will be given the spotlight but will be connected to other mediums as we explore the threads the link practices as being conceptual.

Mode of enrollment:

Each applicant will have to submit work images, CV and a statement of purpose and identify the artist who has informed the design of the workshop poster.

Open for students who have completed 4 years of art / design education and have not completed their post graduation studies. Preference will be given to students who have just completed their graduation.
The workshop is free for participants including material charges.

For queries and submission:
M/ +91 70567 70060

Art Exhibition at the Arpana Art Gallery by WSD

WSD’s School of Visual Arts first art show UNEXPLORED SPACES opened yesterday with renowned artist Arpana Caur and renowned art critic Sumeet Chopra lighting the inaugural lamp. The show attracted a big crowd of artists, curators, art students and art lovers. Do visit, the show will be open till 24th March.

Create a great career out of Graphic Design

Career is the biggest area of concern these days, and the world of employment sector has gotten more competitive, but what comes as are lief in the stressed situation of making a successful career is abundant of choice available. The world of employment and career has changed these days dramatically, and people have gotten over the thought of choosing the same career path. Amongst the diverse options added in the field of employment sector, graphic design is blooming and drawing people towards it.

Our environment is full of visual messages. Many of these are redundant as they lack design. Many of these communicate the appropriate message. Graphic design is the art and practice of planning and projecting idea, experience and messages to the specific audience through images, words and graphic forms. As the print, electronic and virtual medium has developed to its maturity, this sector offers great opportunity of a lucrative career for aspirants in graphic design.

A graphic designer is a professional, who creates messages to inform, persuade and recall value for the targeted people and groups in the context of cultural, social and political environment. The graphic designer is equipped with strong understanding of communication theory and media. The graphic designer has skills to create visual messages by hand as well as computer based creation.

So if you have interest and zeal to be a part of print, electronic and virtual media industry than you should look for an institute which offers graphic communication design course. There are many educational institutes offering this course. However, World School of Design would be a good choice as it is equipped with facilities and faculty with rich experience and expertise.

National Artists Camp at World School of Design – Day 1

National Artists Camp at World School of Design started off with great enthusiasm.

Let Your Imagination Fly by Choosing Career in Industrial Designing

From childhood, every person has the goal of life. With changing course of time, they walk on the path of making that dream come true. If you want to do something different in your life and want to make your life completely different from the others, you should take up a career option where you can show your creativity. Choosing industrial designing will be the best choice of career at this time as you can let your imaginative work help you to go ahead in your career. To bloom into a full blossom from a bud, you should enrol yourself for 2 years PG program in Industrial Design.

Many of you may get to know about this course for the first time. Therefore, parents or students may get confused to take industrial designing as a career option. But, when you know about it in detail, you will find it really interesting and exclusive than other contemporary career options. If you have the creative streak within you and want to do in your life for what you have passion, this may be the perfect way to walk on. Doing a 2 year PG program in Fashion Art includes vocational training in industrial designing; otherwise, you can also go for the entire course after ending your school.

What is industrial designing actually? It is a program where you learn to design and develop products. While designing a product, you need to keep in mind that you have to make the product appealing to the target consumer. Therefore, you need to learn to design a product which can be economical, socially, functionally and ergonomically appealing to the users. Under this course, you not only learn creative designing, but you also get to know more about logic, engineering, science and so on. Besides this, you will get a chance to brush up your skills of graphic designing, multimedia, modelling and web-based designing.

Obviously, you want a great career after doing a course. Industrial designing will definitely give you the chance to choose your career in engineering, business or marketing or in the educational field. Having a degree in industrial designing will open the doors of many large and reputed organisations for you. You can even choose to freelance only and work for many companies. Running your own business is a very good choice as big organisations, today, prefers outsourcing than to hiring full-time employees. Whatever you choose, it is your learning and your skill that will show the way.

For getting the best training in industrial designing, you can join the study program of WSD or the World School of Designing. This is the best place where you can learn the nooks and corners of the course and also get practical experience to execute your talent.

National Artists Camp – Participant #10: Birender Yadav at World School of Design

BIRENDER KUMAR YADAV was born in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh and graduated in painting from Banaras Hindu University and Post Graduation from the College of Art, Delhi. As a painter who engages direct visual statements on social situations, Birender Kumar articulates the images of tools and machineries which are familiar in our environment.

To see Birender’s work, check
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National Artists Camp – Participant #9: Anni Kumari

ANNI KUMARI is a post graduate in Painting from the College of Art, Delhi. She has the credit of active participation in various national residencies and workshops on art. In her recent works Anni kumari creates exceptionally different spaces of optical illusion on round canvases.

To see Anni’s work, check
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National Artists Camp – Participant #8: “Abhishek Narayan Verma”

ABHISHEK NARAYAN VERMA was born in Bihar and graduated in Painting from College of Art Delhi. He later had pursued his post graduation in Printmaking from Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University of Baroda. Abhishek works in mix media in which he incorporates images from the popular media and graphics.

More information available at:

National Artists Camp ÔÇô Participant #7: ÔÇ£Shivani BhallaÔÇØ

Unexplored Spaces ÔÇô National Artists Camp, a World School of Design Initiative

Participant No. 7:┬áSHIVANI BHALLA is a post graduate in painting from Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University, Baroda. She has been a visiting faculty at the College of Art, Delhi in 2009-10 and Assistant Professor in Painting at Govt. College of Art, Chandigarh from 2011-16. ShivaniÔÇÖs recent works are in acrylics on paper which represent a very simple and naive world with wit and humor.

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