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Summer Swag Workshops – Bring Out Your Design Swag
Conceptual Art as Contemporary Practice by School of Visual Arts, World School of Design
CULT – Design Fest 2017 by World School of Design
Fashion Accessory workshops at World School of Design
A.C.T. Workshops for AFA Students
Basics- Transport Design
Langot To Coat Plan
Street Art India
Creative Bee workshop in Hyderabad
A.C.T. “Activate Creative Thinking” Workshops for Design Aspirants

Summer Swag Workshops – Bring Out Your Design Swag

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Duration: 3 Hours
Date: 27th June 2017
Venue: World School of Design, Plot No. 1, Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat, Haryana

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Conceptual Art as Contemporary Practice by School of Visual Arts, World School of Design

A unique 3 day residential workshop exploring meanings, forms, theories which mark conceptual practices in art.

Workshop Details:

This workshop will explore meanings, forms, theories and art making, which mark conceptual art practices transcending the divide between contemporary and post contemporary. There will be a special focus on performative practices, photography, video, text and new genre sculpture practices.

The heart of the workshop will be to understand the basics of conceptual art making and the possibility of imbibing such in ones day to day artistic practice.

Core Concerns:

1) What is conceptual thought in art? How does it relate to contemporary practices?

2) Rethinking a studio practice: An exploration to imagine a studio without a sketch book and an easel. We will open a window into day to day conceptual based practices and the evolving idea of a studio.

3) Skill after post modernism: The Postmodern Principles challenge our traditional element and principles of skill by stressing the importance of thinking outside of the box and allow you to really consider the point of view of the artist and what the artist wants to communicate to the viewer.

4) Between art making and viewing – Questions on the aesthetic experience : In contemporary times we have seen a overthrow of our traditional conceptions of what an art object should be made of and what it should look like. The artwork is now a process rather than a material thing- this ÔÇÿnew aesthetic will be explored and discussed.

5) issues of Context, Language and Appropriation – Dialogues between the Personal , Local and the Global : The focus will be on understanding the Re-presentation, Gaze, Hybridity, Appropriation and Re contextualization as important critical categories though with art is viewed and appreciated.


ÔÇó Sharing each portfolio sharing, discussion and critical analysis.
ÔÇó Presentations and video sessions to understand the development of conceptual art especially in the developing nations.
ÔÇó Day long sessions and exercises at public spaces using various mediums as aesthetic/communicative tools and learning how to take feed back.
ÔÇó Developing ideas into art ÔÇô One to one intimate sessions with participants on how an idea can be developed, edited, and materialized into art through personalized understanding of media and skill.
ÔÇó Free flowing Discussion sessions ÔÇô We will have non hierarchical open discussion sessions addressing all kinds of doubts and encouraging experimentation.

Day flow structures:

Each day will have 5-6 six hours of working in a public space ÔÇô Mornings will be time for discussion sessions and site mappings ÔÇô Evenings will have portfolio sharing by participants and presentations by the workshop conductors. Followed by film/video screenings and free flowing discussions. Each day a new medium will be given the spotlight but will be connected to other mediums as we explore the threads the link practices as being conceptual.

Mode of enrollment:

Each applicant will have to submit work images, CV and a statement of purpose and identify the artist who has informed the design of the workshop poster.

Open for students who have completed 4 years of art / design education and have not completed their post graduation studies. Preference will be given to students who have just completed their graduation.
The workshop is free for participants including material charges.

For queries and submission:
M/ +91 70567 70060

CULT – Design Fest 2017 by World School of Design

Why CULT? The dropping of the apple, the smile of Monalisa, the summer of 69, ÔÇÿShehenshaÔÇÖ the Indian Robin Hood story and as it goes in our heads, these contradictions have made enough heads turn. What they have in common are behind the scene stories of people who have been bold, courageous, curious to ask questions and look for expressions going beyond the explanations of the times. Going forward they have now become cults and we need not explain why anymore.

ThatÔÇÖs the attitude we want to stand up for and shout out to the world in our college fest at World School of Design. Raise praise and embrace the crazy in you.

We invite participation in various avenues to showcase your creative side and what you want to express. We have it all – dance, music, drama, activities and action planned in the month of March.

These event is planned for you to introduce your institute through a creative performance on the thematic lines of CULT.

CULT workshops by experts are envisaged as hands on creative activity that involves Thinking, Dreaming, Doing and Learning. They are free but in limited numbers and on first come first serve basis.

Several competitive events will keep the adrinalin flowing, both at the individual level as well as group.




FASHION COMPETITION – Themed after ÔÇÿCults in fashionÔÇÖ, you are invited to participate on this fashion competition with your interpretation of the theme.

Faculty Coordinator
Ms. Ankita Chaudhary: 7404205702

Student Coordinators
Divyam Rawal: 9996444445
Shreya Jain: 7027069642

Fashion Accessory workshops at World School of Design


WSD has been organising FASHION ACCESSORY workshops where students use rags and waste fabric to craft innovative accessories to supplement their ensembles. Fashion Design is happening at WSD.

Applications for admission are being invited.

A.C.T. Workshops for AFA Students

WSD conducted A.C.T. workshops for AFA students at its campus in Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Rai. A.C.T. stands for Activate Creative Thinking – these workshops are designed to help students explore creative talent in them.


Street Art India

Head to the Street Art India Instagram page ( to catch all our behind-the-scenes Stories

Creative Bee workshop in Hyderabad

The art of natural dye wood block printing at Creative Bee workshop in Hyderabad India.
New contemporary designs by Sivakesava Rao on the table, and newly printed and drying textiles waiting to be steamed for colour fixing.

A.C.T. “Activate Creative Thinking” Workshops for Design Aspirants


World School of Design organised A.C.T. “Activate #Creative #Thinking” Workshops for #design aspirants. A.C.T. Workshops provide students with hands-on experience and gives them opportunity to exercise their creative instincts.

As the famous phrase goes ÔÇ£Design is doingÔÇØ there is a lot of action inbuilt into the making of a┬ádesigner. ACT are workshops designed in small doses where the creative faculty gives a small brief to the participants to explore the creative talent in them . These sessions allow the faculty to observe and make suggestions aimed at helping the participants realise their latent creativity.

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