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Summer Swag Workshops – Bring Out Your Design Swag
Conceptual Art as Contemporary Practice by School of Visual Arts, World School of Design
Critical Conversations on Design
WSD Students Work – Fashion Design College in Delhi NCR
University Of Design
Discover The Ocean In Design Management
BBA with Design Thinking
Fashion Design at World School of Design
Building a career in Architecture is Something You Should Consider
The Search – World School of Design

Summer Swag Workshops – Bring Out Your Design Swag

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Duration: 3 Hours
Date: 27th June 2017
Venue: World School of Design, Plot No. 1, Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat, Haryana

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Conceptual Art as Contemporary Practice by School of Visual Arts, World School of Design

A unique 3 day residential workshop exploring meanings, forms, theories which mark conceptual practices in art.

Workshop Details:

This workshop will explore meanings, forms, theories and art making, which mark conceptual art practices transcending the divide between contemporary and post contemporary. There will be a special focus on performative practices, photography, video, text and new genre sculpture practices.

The heart of the workshop will be to understand the basics of conceptual art making and the possibility of imbibing such in ones day to day artistic practice.

Core Concerns:

1) What is conceptual thought in art? How does it relate to contemporary practices?

2) Rethinking a studio practice: An exploration to imagine a studio without a sketch book and an easel. We will open a window into day to day conceptual based practices and the evolving idea of a studio.

3) Skill after post modernism: The Postmodern Principles challenge our traditional element and principles of skill by stressing the importance of thinking outside of the box and allow you to really consider the point of view of the artist and what the artist wants to communicate to the viewer.

4) Between art making and viewing – Questions on the aesthetic experience : In contemporary times we have seen a overthrow of our traditional conceptions of what an art object should be made of and what it should look like. The artwork is now a process rather than a material thing- this ÔÇÿnew aesthetic will be explored and discussed.

5) issues of Context, Language and Appropriation – Dialogues between the Personal , Local and the Global : The focus will be on understanding the Re-presentation, Gaze, Hybridity, Appropriation and Re contextualization as important critical categories though with art is viewed and appreciated.


ÔÇó Sharing each portfolio sharing, discussion and critical analysis.
ÔÇó Presentations and video sessions to understand the development of conceptual art especially in the developing nations.
ÔÇó Day long sessions and exercises at public spaces using various mediums as aesthetic/communicative tools and learning how to take feed back.
ÔÇó Developing ideas into art ÔÇô One to one intimate sessions with participants on how an idea can be developed, edited, and materialized into art through personalized understanding of media and skill.
ÔÇó Free flowing Discussion sessions ÔÇô We will have non hierarchical open discussion sessions addressing all kinds of doubts and encouraging experimentation.

Day flow structures:

Each day will have 5-6 six hours of working in a public space ÔÇô Mornings will be time for discussion sessions and site mappings ÔÇô Evenings will have portfolio sharing by participants and presentations by the workshop conductors. Followed by film/video screenings and free flowing discussions. Each day a new medium will be given the spotlight but will be connected to other mediums as we explore the threads the link practices as being conceptual.

Mode of enrollment:

Each applicant will have to submit work images, CV and a statement of purpose and identify the artist who has informed the design of the workshop poster.

Open for students who have completed 4 years of art / design education and have not completed their post graduation studies. Preference will be given to students who have just completed their graduation.
The workshop is free for participants including material charges.

For queries and submission:
M/ +91 70567 70060

Critical Conversations on Design

World University of Design has associated with ADI Delhi in creating “Critical Conversations on Design”. The first event is scheduled for 26th May 2017, 6:30 pm. Please check the e poster for more details. Prof. Devendra Kharb, Dean(School of Fashion) WUD will be moderating and Prof. Osmud Rahman, Visiting Professor WUD will be a speaker in addition to Harminder Sahni and Pankaj Vermani.

WSD Students Work – Fashion Design College in Delhi NCR

Fashion is all about Presentation – whether on ramp or on paper. An important part of education is documenting your work and presenting it in an interesting way. Photography, typography, image manipulation, graphic design are all skills that come into play.┬áPresentation of POP ART and GOTHIC collection looked something like this.


University Of Design

University of design embraces the holistic learning and creates an inventive atmosphere around the institute and pushes the idea of the development of superior thinking. The premier learning institute works on the methodology of effective working and delegated by innovation thinking. We enhance studentÔÇÖs creativity for the prosperous growth of the nation. Our hired expertise will take the students to the road which excels in knowledge and is focused according to the industry. Demand is increasing globally day-by-day, indeed, competition is also booming. Rely on us; our curriculum is designed to provide the best training, research, quality education.

Design institute in India avails undergraduate and post-graduate specialized courses.

Under-Graduate Programmes

Product Design – Main focus of this program is to emphasize the relation between product, systems and human factors. The user-centric approach runs on social, economical, physical and ecological factors while developing innovative ideas. StudentÔÇÖs education is based on research methods, social sciences, studio involvement. Programme ensures to develop certain skills which will further help students in making the desirable product for consumers.

Interior Design – We provide inter-disciplinary education on the history of design, ergonomics, spatial concepts, computer-aided drawing (CAD) and so on. Enhance skills to develop the conversation between client and company to provide a favorable outcome. Center of attention is to maturing talent in space design, furniture design and space lightings.

Lifestyle Accessory Design – Lifestyle is totally depending on the human factors like culture, group, class, institutions, and education. Accordingly, human decide their needs and wants. Accessory designers shape the life and heighten the lifestyle of consumers. Designing of bags, jewelry, watches, shoes, spectacles are done while enhancing technology, designing skills, fashion aspects, market & management.


Industrial Design – Empowerment of consumer-centric products and working on industry systems related to medical, computer, electronics, environment with aesthetic knowledge is the interior designers work, along with a deep sense about marketing and acquiring skills according to an engineerÔÇÖs attitude.

Retail Design – Indeed, India is the second-largest retail market in the world. Students can have a great scope in this field competing for the world by our innovative and specialized approach towards learning a history of art and design, rules of spatial manipulation, typography, drawings, lighting & technology. The course is structured and designed and will work for Indian retail market system.

Transportation Design – Our alumni enhances the ability to develop skills of ergonomics of motorized & non- motorized devices on road, water, air. Training involves learning of styling and technology, user behavior, visual semantics. Visualization is involved to encourage new product and to give a new vision of transportation.

We enable studentÔÇÖs capability to think more creatively, innovate and allow them to participate. Our structured designing programs will authorize the primary learning on designing of various products and styles.

Discover The Ocean In Design Management

Management is even more interesting when it comes to design. IsnÔÇÖt it? Well, yes it is when you are capable enough to take it as a disciplined business in which designing, strategy, and supply of the product are done using creative methods and processes. BBA institute in Haryana offers a full time detailed and advanced course in design thinking and management. The focus is on strategies that enable innovative ideas and create designed products, services. When a product is designed, it is the managerÔÇÖs duty to keep the cultural, social, economical factors in mind while maintaining the design, applying the latest technology to its customers. A real manager is a person who can face the competition and therefore work hard to design the product out of the box.

There are a lot of BBA institutes in design thinking but what differentiates WSD from other school is that WSD gives scope to its studentÔÇÖs innovations in the interactive sessions and seminars. A student will have the chance to elaborate about the creations and how it can prove to be healthy for the consumers.

Design Strategy and Management ÔÇô The lure that attracts many aspiring students all over the world to design management course is that the ability to explore their own thoughts and give their design a lifelong meaning. The focus is to teach the tactics about management and improving the skills of marketing of a product.┬á Belief is to develop skills and enhance knowledge on and off a field. The curriculum will consist of: Study of market & management, design thinking & management, consumer behavior, organization & system studies. Paradigm also values on making fair business decisions and strategies promoting services and communication flow in and out of the company, innovation of ideas and methods. WSD follows an approach to teach how to do branding of the product and design to survive in the cut-throat market competition. Individually, every student will get the chance to explain the model, cons, and pros to its consumers. Interactive sessions are conducted where students learn to interact with the market. From special workshops to field work to research, WSD offers to explore all the socio-cultural, economical factors of the world.

As it is experienced in older times, the scope of design management was limited because the lack of advertising and interest in people, but over time it is observed that the design industry has evolved to infinity.  Design management is a human-centered approach which has the importance of individual thoughts.

Making the designs also make the brand quality and differentiate oneÔÇÖs product from others. WSD not just believes in providing exceptional education but also to make leaders for tomorrow.

BBA with Design Thinking


Forget B-School: D-School is HOT!
Doing BBA from traditional Business schools is out. Doing it from a Design School is the best thing you can do to your career. Watch this video from the Wall Street Journal

Look up for BBA options.

Fashion Design at World School of Design

RUN UP TO THE RUNWAY: Our Fashion Design students went through the complete design process for their first immersion at CULT 2017 – defining the look, sourcing fabrics and accessories, and then painstakingly putting the ensemble together. Of course they also presented their own garment on the ramp, which added to the fun quotient!

Building a career in Architecture is Something You Should Consider

Architecture is the spirit, motive, inspiration and reason that the world is witnessing skyscrapers, hi-tech infrastructure, and livable spaces. Better infrastructure is more than just a key to making a city functional and livable. It also plays an important role in country’s development and progress. So, in such a scenario, the country needs great architectures, and one can make a career out of it.

Architecture is emerging as a career option with great potential and job opportunities and is also attracting investments from the government sector as well. With the support of government, the employment opportunities are expanding as well and giving people a way to change the present infrastructure scenario of the country because the infrastructure of  a country is closely related to the development of the country.

If you are a kind of a person who adores buildings, understands the problems related to spaces and have an urge of creating something for society then Architecture is the career you must opt for.

Well, there are certain criteria to get enrolled in a course, and Architecture too has its own criteria that must be followed.

Here are a few things you must know before proceeding.

What is the role of an Architect?

Architects are responsible for designing a better infrastructure after understanding the needs of an emerging society. He is the source of transforming the physical feature of an established building or creating new from scraps.

Minimum requirements

NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) is conducted nationwide for admission in architecture, and one must clear the entrance to get into the course.

The minimal requirement for getting enrolled in the course of Architecture; an individual must pass 12th with PCM (Physics+ Chemistry+ Mathematics) along with a qualifying score in the NATA.

Admission in Architecture (B.Arch)

Bachelor’s in Architecture is a 5-year course and fees vary from institute to institute. To get the best course, opt for a School of Architecture in Haryana and, of course, other cities where you can get the best guidance.

Well, there are plenty of institutes in the country that are offering the course and making a promise to give you a better career option, but you have to choose the best out of all.


WSPA (World School of planning and Architecture) is counted among the best Architecture schools in Delhi NCR and offers the best education in the field.  The school has the approval of COA, AICTE and use approved syllabus as teaching medium. If you want to pursue Architecture, then you should consider WSPA as your priority. It is the epitome of creating excellence in architecture.

For further information about the school visit the official website, and gather all that is needed to know about the course.

The Search – World School of Design

The World School of Design (soon to become WORLD UNIVERSITY OF DESIGN) invites applications and nominations for the position of Faculty/ Senior Faculty for the following schools.


Fashion Fashion Design
Communication Graphic & Communication Design; Advertising &  Media Design
Management Design Strategy & Management;  Fashion Business Management


Located in the culturally rich, design-centered national capital region of Delhi, and a part of the proposed World University of Design, WSD offers the largest portfolio of creative career options on a single campus, focusing on a cross-disciplinary approach for synergistic learning. Details at



Nominations, expressions of interest, and applications (including a profile and link to portfolio) should be sent to email id mentioned on website. All candidate information will be held in strict confidence.

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