Building a career in Architecture is Something You Should Consider
Create a great career out of Graphic Design
Building Construction Work by Architecture Students at WSPA
CULT – Design Fest 2017 by World School of Design
The Search – World School of Design
Design as Integral Part of Make in India – ET
Day 3 of National Artists Camp by School of Visual Arts, WSD
National Artists Camp at World School of Design – Day 1
Let Your Imagination Fly by Choosing Career in Industrial Designing
National Artists Camp – Participant #10: Birender Yadav at World School of Design

Building a career in Architecture is Something You Should Consider

Architecture is the spirit, motive, inspiration and reason that the world is witnessing skyscrapers, hi-tech infrastructure, and livable spaces. Better infrastructure is more than just a key to making a city functional and livable. It also plays an important role in country’s development and progress. So, in such a scenario, the country needs great architectures, and one can make a career out of it.

Architecture is emerging as a career option with great potential and job opportunities and is also attracting investments from the government sector as well. With the support of government, the employment opportunities are expanding as well and giving people a way to change the present infrastructure scenario of the country because the infrastructure of  a country is closely related to the development of the country.

If you are a kind of a person who adores buildings, understands the problems related to spaces and have an urge of creating something for society then Architecture is the career you must opt for.

Well, there are certain criteria to get enrolled in a course, and Architecture too has its own criteria that must be followed.

Here are a few things you must know before proceeding.

What is the role of an Architect?

Architects are responsible for designing a better infrastructure after understanding the needs of an emerging society. He is the source of transforming the physical feature of an established building or creating new from scraps.

Minimum requirements

NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) is conducted nationwide for admission in architecture, and one must clear the entrance to get into the course.

The minimal requirement for getting enrolled in the course of Architecture; an individual must pass 12th with PCM (Physics+ Chemistry+ Mathematics) along with a qualifying score in the NATA.

Admission in Architecture (B.Arch)

Bachelor’s in Architecture is a 5-year course and fees vary from institute to institute. To get the best course, opt for a School of Architecture in Haryana and, of course, other cities where you can get the best guidance.

Well, there are plenty of institutes in the country that are offering the course and making a promise to give you a better career option, but you have to choose the best out of all.


WSPA (World School of planning and Architecture) is counted among the best Architecture schools in Delhi NCR and offers the best education in the field.  The school has the approval of COA, AICTE and use approved syllabus as teaching medium. If you want to pursue Architecture, then you should consider WSPA as your priority. It is the epitome of creating excellence in architecture.

For further information about the school visit the official website, and gather all that is needed to know about the course.

Create a great career out of Graphic Design

Career is the biggest area of concern these days, and the world of employment sector has gotten more competitive, but what comes as are lief in the stressed situation of making a successful career is abundant of choice available. The world of employment and career has changed these days dramatically, and people have gotten over the thought of choosing the same career path. Amongst the diverse options added in the field of employment sector, graphic design is blooming and drawing people towards it.

Our environment is full of visual messages. Many of these are redundant as they lack design. Many of these communicate the appropriate message. Graphic design is the art and practice of planning and projecting idea, experience and messages to the specific audience through images, words and graphic forms. As the print, electronic and virtual medium has developed to its maturity, this sector offers great opportunity of a lucrative career for aspirants in graphic design.

A graphic designer is a professional, who creates messages to inform, persuade and recall value for the targeted people and groups in the context of cultural, social and political environment. The graphic designer is equipped with strong understanding of communication theory and media. The graphic designer has skills to create visual messages by hand as well as computer based creation.

So if you have interest and zeal to be a part of print, electronic and virtual media industry than you should look for an institute which offers graphic communication design course. There are many educational institutes offering this course. However, World School of Design would be a good choice as it is equipped with facilities and faculty with rich experience and expertise.

Building Construction Work by Architecture Students at WSPA

Students of World School of Planning & Architecture getting their second hands on experience in construction.

CULT – Design Fest 2017 by World School of Design

Why CULT? The dropping of the apple, the smile of Monalisa, the summer of 69, ÔÇÿShehenshaÔÇÖ the Indian Robin Hood story and as it goes in our heads, these contradictions have made enough heads turn. What they have in common are behind the scene stories of people who have been bold, courageous, curious to ask questions and look for expressions going beyond the explanations of the times. Going forward they have now become cults and we need not explain why anymore.

ThatÔÇÖs the attitude we want to stand up for and shout out to the world in our college fest at World School of Design. Raise praise and embrace the crazy in you.

We invite participation in various avenues to showcase your creative side and what you want to express. We have it all – dance, music, drama, activities and action planned in the month of March.

These event is planned for you to introduce your institute through a creative performance on the thematic lines of CULT.

CULT workshops by experts are envisaged as hands on creative activity that involves Thinking, Dreaming, Doing and Learning. They are free but in limited numbers and on first come first serve basis.

Several competitive events will keep the adrinalin flowing, both at the individual level as well as group.




FASHION COMPETITION – Themed after ÔÇÿCults in fashionÔÇÖ, you are invited to participate on this fashion competition with your interpretation of the theme.

Faculty Coordinator
Ms. Ankita Chaudhary: 7404205702

Student Coordinators
Divyam Rawal: 9996444445
Shreya Jain: 7027069642

The Search – World School of Design

The World School of Design (soon to become WORLD UNIVERSITY OF DESIGN) invites applications and nominations for the position of Faculty/ Senior Faculty for the following schools.


Fashion Fashion Design
Communication Graphic & Communication Design; Advertising &  Media Design
Management Design Strategy & Management;  Fashion Business Management


Located in the culturally rich, design-centered national capital region of Delhi, and a part of the proposed World University of Design, WSD offers the largest portfolio of creative career options on a single campus, focusing on a cross-disciplinary approach for synergistic learning. Details at www.worldschoolofdesign.in



Nominations, expressions of interest, and applications (including a profile and link to portfolio) should be sent to email id mentioned on website. All candidate information will be held in strict confidence.

National Artists Camp at World School of Design – Day 1

National Artists Camp at World School of Design started off with great enthusiasm.

Let Your Imagination Fly by Choosing Career in Industrial Designing

From childhood, every person has the goal of life. With changing course of time, they walk on the path of making that dream come true. If you want to do something different in your life and want to make your life completely different from the others, you should take up a career option where you can show your creativity. Choosing industrial designing will be the best choice of career at this time as you can let your imaginative work help you to go ahead in your career. To bloom into a full blossom from a bud, you should enrol yourself for 2 years PG program in Industrial Design.

Many of you may get to know about this course for the first time. Therefore, parents or students may get confused to take industrial designing as a career option. But, when you know about it in detail, you will find it really interesting and exclusive than other contemporary career options. If you have the creative streak within you and want to do in your life for what you have passion, this may be the perfect way to walk on. Doing a 2 year PG program in Fashion Art includes vocational training in industrial designing; otherwise, you can also go for the entire course after ending your school.

What is industrial designing actually? It is a program where you learn to design and develop products. While designing a product, you need to keep in mind that you have to make the product appealing to the target consumer. Therefore, you need to learn to design a product which can be economical, socially, functionally and ergonomically appealing to the users. Under this course, you not only learn creative designing, but you also get to know more about logic, engineering, science and so on. Besides this, you will get a chance to brush up your skills of graphic designing, multimedia, modelling and web-based designing.

Obviously, you want a great career after doing a course. Industrial designing will definitely give you the chance to choose your career in engineering, business or marketing or in the educational field. Having a degree in industrial designing will open the doors of many large and reputed organisations for you. You can even choose to freelance only and work for many companies. Running your own business is a very good choice as big organisations, today, prefers outsourcing than to hiring full-time employees. Whatever you choose, it is your learning and your skill that will show the way.

For getting the best training in industrial designing, you can join the study program of WSD or the World School of Designing. This is the best place where you can learn the nooks and corners of the course and also get practical experience to execute your talent.

National Artists Camp – Participant #10: Birender Yadav at World School of Design

BIRENDER KUMAR YADAV was born in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh and graduated in painting from Banaras Hindu University and Post Graduation from the College of Art, Delhi. As a painter who engages direct visual statements on social situations, Birender Kumar articulates the images of tools and machineries which are familiar in our environment.

To see Birender’s work, check http://worldschoolofdesign.in/national-artist-camp.html
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