Summer Swag - Workshop

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Conceptual Art as Contemporary Practice

This workshop will explore meanings, forms, theories and art making, which mark conceptual art practices transcending the divide between contemporary and post contemporary. There will be a special focus on performative practices, photography, video, text and new genre sculpture practices.
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Art Exhibition at the Arpana Art Gallery by WSD

WSD’s School of Visual Arts first art show UNEXPLORED SPACES opened on 18th March 2017 with renowned artist Arpana Caur and renowned art critic Sumeet Chopra lighting the inaugural lamp. This week long show attracted a big crowd of artists, curators, art students and art lovers.

CULT - WSD Cultural Fest 2017

Why CULT? The dropping of the apple, the smile of Monalisa, the summer of 69, ‘Shehensha’ the Indian Robin Hood story and as it goes in our heads, these contradictions have made enough heads turn. What they have in common are behind the scene stories of people who have been bold, courageous, curious to ask questions and look for expressions going beyond the explanations of the times. Going forward they have now become cults and we need not explain why anymore.

That’s the attitude we want to stand up for and shout out to the world in our first ever student led college fest at World School of Design. Raise praise and embrace the crazy in you. Click here for information on CULT'17.

Unexplored Spaces – A National Artists Camp


The concept of space has always been an area of creative encounter ever since the origination of images in human life. The persistence, enunciation and manifestations of space is the essential force of all the visual and non-visual expressions throughout the ages. It is also very significant to note that the post modern French philosopher Jacques Derrida did redefine all the Visual and Performing Arts as Spatial Arts. Space plays a vital role in the physical and metaphysical forms of human existence. Unexplored Spaces is curatorial project which proposes artists to liberally interpret their own creative endeavours’ in art with specific importance to the tangible practice of painting. The artists camp is intended to be a venue of exchange of ideas on Unexplored spaces and contexts prevailing in each artists creative work and thought process. Click here for more details!

Our architecture school organised an event “Remembering Joseph Allen Stein” at India Habitat Centre on 27th October (Thursday)

It was a full house with some of the senior-most architect of the city, Australian high commissioner, many heads of institutions attending the event.

Joseph Allen Stein is the famous architect who has made some mould-breaking contributions to Delhi's architectural landscape. Some of his buildings in Delhi includes the Ford Foundation headquarters, India International Centre (IIC), India Habitat Centre, United Nations Children's Fund, World Wide Fund, Lodhi Gardens, Triveni Kala Sangam, American Embassy School and the Australian high commission.

Summer Workshops May-June 2016

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Published on 13/05/2016

Front page coverage of WSD along with other world-class institutions by Dainik Bhaskar

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Art Gallery Launch @ WSD on 16th April 2016

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Forth-Coming Events

Workshop - Summer Swag

27th June 2017

Workshop - Conceptual Art as Contemporary Practice

30th June 2017 - 2nd July 2013