"This world is but a canvas to our imagination"

Fine Art today is a multi-dimensional process reaching nearly all aspects of nature and humanity in search of form, expression and affirmation. The concerns of the artist span the uniqueness of his / her own vision, the formative processes of life experience, and the complexity of his/her participation. At School of Visual Art students will undergo a foundation in inter-related, equally important subjects which include Drawing, Color, Clay modeling, Printing, Geometry & Perspective, materials and tools and exercises in form, aesthetics and concepts, all of which are designed to promote visual and textural sensitivity, formal perception and manual neat handedness; before moving to their specializations of Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Fashion Art and Contemporary Art Practice.

Under Graduate Programmes:

ELIGIBILITY: 10 + 2 or equivalent exams from CBSE/AISSCE/IB/ICSE/State Board etc. Admission through aptitude test and interview.

Creative Painting

FOCUS: Painting is a mode of creative expression that serves to manifest the expressive and conceptual intention of the practitioner. All art consists of a concept embedded in a medium. The concept is what the artist wants to show to the audience. It may be an emotion, information, or some combination of the two.

CONTENT: The programme introduces the student to various forms of painting and drawing with different creative processes that help create unique and personal paintings. The programme has also been conceived to develop contemporary approaches in painting on the background of the advancement of technology in visual arts.

CAREERS: The programme offers prospects in producing work of art commissioned by Art Galleries, Art Patrons and Connoisseurs as well as in advertising, animation & gaming industry as creative artist.


FOCUS: Photography is about an idea, a message, or an emotion. That idea or message may be something small, a single word, or it may be a whole statement that the photographer wants to explore.

CONTENT: The photography programme will help students learn the basics & essentials, gain the requisite skills and develop a style required to be a successful photographer. The programme will also help the student learn the complexities of the digital medium.

CAREERS: The programme has prospects in advertising, fashion industry, news media and as documentary photographer.

Post Graduate Programmes:

ELIGIBILITY: Minimum 3 year Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts or corresponding qualification after 12th. Admission through aptitude test and portfolio/interview

Fashion Art

FOCUS: Fashion as an artefact of culture teaches us about the history of our society as well as that of other societies'.

CONTENT: The specialisation will cover high fashion makeup, tattooing, hair do, body painting and nail art through different medium, illustration, graphic and visual art forms to reveal fashion statements. A stylist, or a makeup artist uses styling techniques and makeup to improve the overall appearance of an actor, model, or other client.

CAREERS: As a professional, you will be part of the transformation of fashion and other contemporary creative industries.

Contemporary Art Practice

FOCUS: The programme will impart necessary intellectual engagement to demonstrate an advanced understanding of historical and contemporary debate and how it relates to their practice.

CONTENT: The programme will provide requisite technical skills to produce work that integrates thought, creativity and technique, experiment in their use of materials, processes and environments. You may develop your individual creative practice through exhibitions, residencies, public art projects and many other forms of arts-related activity.

CAREERS: Options include independent production, publishing, advertising, curatorial and archive work, picture research, arts administration, teaching and community arts.

Curatorial Practices in Art

FOCUS: Curatorial Practices & Art focuses on professional training and a thorough grounding in the relevant areas of history, research, and theory; aimed at widening the understanding of curatorial contexts, methodologies and legacies.

CONTENT: Emphasis is on hands-on work with experts in the field and professional networking. Students develop skills, knowledge and working relations with artists, curators, art organisations, museums, galleries, archives, public spaces & commissioning.

CAREERS: Graduates find employment in state or private funded galleries, art development agencies, education & interpretations, art publishing, etc.

Art And Design History

FOCUS: The programme provides an interdisciplinary study of the history of art and design. As well as advancing your knowledge of developments that have occurred in these vibrant areas of practice in modernity - and, in particular, the last 50 years - the course will also provide you with transferable skills in history, theory and research.

CONTENT: You will be expected to conduct research around the broad themes and subjects addressed by each module. Importance will be given to the study of Folk, Tribal and Rural Arts in particular and Indian Art and Crafts in general.

CAREERS: The programme creates scope and opening in the fields of Education and Curation.

  Employment Platforms

  • Independent Artists
  • Art Professors
  • Photography Studios
  • Advertising Agency
  • Illustrator