"Fashionable is never out of fashion"

Fashion is individualistic, YES! But the desire to be fashionable is common. Human beings use fashion as a language to describe their social standing, thought process and aspirations for future. Although fashion witnesses frequent waves of change because of variable factors of the society, the people adapt to these changes to remain relevant in the current time. Hence the business of fashion is evergreen considering its contribution to social living.

ELIGIBILITY: 10 + 2 or equivalent exams from CBSE/AISSCE/IB/ICSE/State Board etc. Admission through aptitude test and interview.
4 year Under Graduate Programme

Fashion Design

FOCUS: Fashion is a seductive powerhouse in contemporary culture, worthy of celebration and critique. From the earliest days of civilization to the modern moment, we have been obsessed by decorative creations that adorn and define our beings.

CONTENT: The programme intends to provide a strong base to reveal creative talent and develop professional acumen in fibre to fashion value chain. Students learn the techniques of pattern making, draping and garment construction along with developing the understanding of fashion trends, materials and traditional skills of surface ornamentation.

CAREERS: The programme eventually lead to careers in high fashion, designer ready-to-wear fashion, high street fashion with specialisation in particular types of clothing.

Textile Design

FOCUS: Textiles are used not only to create garments but also accessories, bedding, furniture, window treatments, and a variety of other common everyday items. The programme intends to develop innovative and synergetic approaches to designing fabrics for diverse sectors of the textile industry.

CONTENT: This field of study involves in-depth knowledge of the handmade craft techniques existing in various communities as well as the modern construction techniques running in the industry. The student will acquire a practical understanding of various materials like natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics, leather etc. along with exposure to colour, dyeing, weaving and printing, besides design philosophy, socio-cultural studies, research methodology, product development and in acquiring relevant CAD skills.

CAREERS: The programme offers careers in the textile, fashion and home fashion manufacturing industry differentiated by wide range of materials, products and markets.

  Programmes at School of   Fashion

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  • Design Studios
  • Fashion Lables
  • Apprel Industry
  • Export Houses
  • Merchandising
  • Furnishing Houses